My mission is to provide high quality, web development outsourcing to individuals and companies from my home near Phoenix, AZ. I specialize in freelance PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS and Javascript (AJAX) programming. I partner with designers and marketers to develop sites from the ground up using platforms like Zen Cart and Wordpress.

Additionally, I offer web server administration with experience in remotely installing and maintaining LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). If your server is managed and you simply need someone to run a website, I provide a webmaster service that will take care of everything.

Have a problem with or need to add something to your site? I can devise a creative solution.

If you prefer to deal with someone who takes your perspective and your users' perspective, contact me. My job is to do what I do best so you can do what you do best!


Most projects are billed hourly (rate varies) with a priority rate available for urgent work. If necessary, I can fix a cost for a project. Although hourly is usually cheaper in the end.


John WrightAt age 10, I built a low-power AM/FM radio station from parts salvaged from garage sales. I went on to a career in radio for several years.

Then I worked as a technician involved in many aspects of computer operation including assembly, repair, upgrading and networking.

After a few years of developing personal projects, I founded webRight in 2003. I help business, education and non-profits create and extend their web presence. I'm proud of what I do.

I work on a Mac. However, I do test everything in Windows (XP/7/8) and various mobile platforms as well.


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  • I was responsible for coding and implementing third-party technologies for the site builds below.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the site's graphic design was done by a subcontractor.
Marriage Missions InternationalLondon Bridge Massage WorksFrontline PestFrontline Sales Team6ft Under ParOdorzoutUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Earth & Environmental SciencesRemembrance PendantsMargo Leitz Interior DesignHigh Seas Fuel DockJoshua David Gardner Memorial Scholarship EndowmentHeartland Physicians

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  • These are specific solutions I programmed and/or implemented using open and closed-source software.
  • If possible, you will be directed to the appropriate page to view the solution(s).
Arc-ZoneBackbone CommunicationsAlpha Mom Product RatingsCounterPoint Studio of Music and Performing ArtsSigns of SuccessUniversity of Illinois at Chicago Graduate Catalog

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  • These projects may not have a functioning external link as the site may have changed subsequently or has been taken down for various reasons.
Hip Hop UniteUniversity of Illinois at Chicago Department of Biological SciencesMissing SaddleLegendary AdventuresHurricane Katrina Relief ProjectCamerata PacificaArc ZoneJoyful MinistriesLe Pet Spa